Courtyard Fine Art
Jim Meyer
Artist's Statement:
My aim is to make art that reflects the mystery and beauty
of creation. And to make prints that will bring people into
contact with the type of low-tech, high-touch, authentic art
that will provide some balance against the overwhelming
prevalence of technology that we face.
Woodblock prints are a straight-forward, labor-intensive
art form that carry the potential for direct, honest and strong
artistic expression and allow for work with materials and a
process particularly well suited to this. I've been working
with woodblock prints (woodcuts) for the past 20 years,
starting in commercial art, producing illustrations for
advertising, design and publishing purposes, then
moving to gallery work.
Northern Lights
   Edition of 195
          6 x 10
Shimmering Water (After L. Harris)
        Edition of 50 6 x 6
Canoeing The Cliffs
Edition of 50 6 x 6