Courtyard Fine Art
Roy Purcell
Over a 40 year span Mr. Purcell has created over 1500
etching plates. He has documented the flora and fauna
of the West and of the desert in particular. His murals
grace the Hoover Dam. Mr. Purcell's etchings have been
exhibited across America and are found in numerous
private collections in Japan, Europe and Australia as well
as in corporate collections such as Standard Oil and Dow
  Mule Deer Etching
  Edition of 100 9 x 12
Mr. Purcell was a founding director of the
Clark County (Nevada) Heritage Museum,
past director of the Mojave Museum of
History & Arts in Kingman, Arizona and of
the Southern Nevada Museum in Henderson,
Nevada. The Outside Las Vegas Foundation
commissioned him to write and illustrate
Portraits Of Nature. His illustrated books also
Wilderness Journey and The Wayfared
Wilderness Journey and The Wayfarer
Downey Woodpecker Etching
                  Edition of 150 9 x 6
No Mail 11 x 14 Edition of 150