Courtyard Fine Art

    Ted Cardland
Ted Cardland began his education in
photography as a darkroom technician at the
Interlochen Center For The Arts. After two
years there he studed for another two years at
Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.
From 1968 to 1979 he was a staff photographer
for the American Red Cross. Based in
Washington, D.C. his assignments took him
throughout the Western Hemisphere.
After taking several years off from
professional photography Mr.
Cardland returned in 2000 and
spent three years as a darkroom
assistant at Northern Michigan
College. He now resides in a very
remote area of Michigan's Upper
Peninsula. There he photographs
the prestine and virtually inaccessible
waterfalls and landscape. He is also
recording the Yellow Dog Plains area
which map be changed forever as a
result of mining activity.
             Untitled 24 x 17 Edition of 50
                          Untitled 24 x 9 Edition of 50
Water Lillies 24 x 9 Edition of 50