Courtyard Fine Art
Monte Nagler
The July/August 2001 Collectors Issue of Outdoor
Photographer designates Monte Nagler as one of
the best landscape photographers in the US. He
studied under Ansel Adams. His photographs will
be found in the following collections:
    Detroit Institute of Arts
    Center For Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ
    Chrysler Corp.
    Brooklyn Museum
    Ford Motor Co.
    General Motors Corp.
    Grand Rapids Art Museum
Monte Nagler is the National Fine Arts
Photographer for the Chevy Tahoe. There
are two books of his photographs;
    Statements Of Light
    Monte Nagler's Michigan - with a
        foreward by Jennifer Grandholm,
        Governor of Michigan
Laughing Whitefish Falls 16 x20
Bond Falls 16 x 20
Moraine Lake-Banff Natioonal Park, Canada
                                    16 x 20
Pagoda, Kumming,

16 x 20